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Pocket Queries (Distance Missing)


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I'm wondering if I'm missing something or this is indeed a problem. Here's what's going on...


I finally got around to registering and, as you might have guessed, decided to put together a few PQ's. Both queries are based on a ZIP code. Well, I received both PQ's with no problem. However, when looking at the PQ's, both through Watcher, and just pulling up the GPX/XML, I see no relative distance.


I'm guessing there's supposed to be something like "1.8 NW"; similar to what one would see in the normal online query list view. No such luck however. icon_frown.gif


What am I doing wrong? Thanks in advance!




P.S. -- What should the XML tag be for distance? I'm guessing one would expect to see something like "<Groundspeak:distance></Groundspeak:distance>" but just wanted to check.

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For Watcher, you need to enter your reference location coordinates under Options-Coordinates-Edit Centers. If you are using Spinner or other similar programs, then you need to edit the reflocations.txt file and enter your coordinates in that file.


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