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Feature Wish list

Clan Ferguson
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Not sure when the last time this was asked. But would it be possible to have some sort of filter on the closet caches displayed.


I would like to filter out any cache listed with the not icon or as one I already found. as we do not hunt them. and they are begining to over flow the first two pages of closest caches.


Thnak you


Cache On!!



"Big Dog"

-Clan Ferguson

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A new feature wish list? OK I'll byte...


How about these two:


1.) (Related to Clan Fergusons suggestion...) The ability to view the STATE MAPS without displaying caches that you've already found.


2.) An 'official' ranking that shows who has the most finds. I know of two unofficial rankings... The Sweden page seems to be more accurate but not updated very often... Dan Millers' gets updated more frequently but is not consistently accurate. Even if these concerns were corrected... what happens if/when the indiviuals responsible for these rankings quits geocaching?




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