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off topic but I need to ask...please... :)

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Hello to all from Rhodes island in Greece! :D


Happy new year to all! you probably do not know me... and I can see only 1 or 2 familiar codenames!

Hello Carbon Hunter! :D how are you? Happy new year my friend! :)


I would like to ask you something... It is not a geocaching thing and I am a little shy in that...

I do not want to be missunderstood in my question or something... but is anyone from Orania of south africa?


I am a coin and banknote collector.. but mostly in cheap notes...because except of the economy crisis here.. my wallet limits are way too low...

anyway... I accidently saw a polymer banknote that had that name... Orania and it was in Ora... (10 ora) they was from south africa but from an area.... a city.. which has different currency! (there is a complete series... 10, 20, ... I think...) unfortunatelly here it is not possible to find any for my collection.. so I was wondering if these are in circulation... and can be found... if you could help me in that! I just need one... the cheapest! I will sent the money (the 10 ora is about 1 euro...) cash in a letter (I do not have paypal etc.. sorry..)to you..


From south africa I have the 10 and 20 rand notes (they are so pretty!!)... but I have never heard anything about the other... local money... I am wondering if others exist too... :unsure:


thank you in advance and sorry if I entered with something that doesn't have to do with Geocaching!


Happy geocaching to everyone!!! :D



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Hello Nikos


And a good 2012 to you too.


I do not know anyone from Orania - perhaps sopme of the other cachers do?


IK am sure nsomeone will help if they can.



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Hallo there. This link may be interesting to you then: http://www.orania.co.za/english/?page_id=27 It is the website that describes the way they came about the Ora etc. I know someone that travels that way frequently and shall ask him to see what he can do for you.


Have a great day!


Oh! you are amazing!!! :D thank you!!!! :D

It is not easy to find african banknotes here... so these special local notes areeven more difficult to find!


Nice link! WOW! I haven't seen the back side of the note! so it is like a gift voucher... like all the local currencies... so they will not have a problem with the bank that issues the real banknotes! ;)

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