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bug classifications

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how about having 2 or 3 kinds of bugs, those with specific goals, and those with general, or no goals. this way it will be easier to keep the former from going MIA. i know that many goaled bugs get taken off course ( i have started a thread about it in the TB forum) and some completely derailed from their goal. while the person taking it obviously doesnt care and most other people probably dont (as per the responses i have gotten in my thread) the bug owner and those watching the bug most likely do. if there were a classification on the bugs, then those cachers who most often derail the goals of the bugs could be blocked from seeing the caches that they are in, while still being able to view caches with nongoalspecific bugs. i know that people will still come accross them by "accident" whether it be because the bug was placed 5 minutes before they got there or the cache has been sitting unfound in their GPS for 3 months, however it would stop people from seeing the bug symbol and running out to snatch it without a care in the world as to what its desired goal is. a simmilar policy could be adopted for all bugs concerning logs. ie, if someone goes to a cache that has a bug in it on the page only to find it has been gone for 2 or 3 weeks without being logged they can report that to the site, after so many instances, the offending parties can be blocked from seeing any caches with bugs in them for a certain period of time (like a probationary thing) i know this has the same weeknesses, people will still come accross them by "accident" but one step in the right direction, (of making travel bugs more fun for their owners as well as the people who love to take them) is still movement in the right direction.

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