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  1. hey i think everyone understands the pitfalls of fame. but there is no reason we still couldnt have a conference with out "coming out". think about it, if people can have underground parties roaming poker games etc etc. there is no reason we couldnt have a conference that was widly known to cachers, yet "underground" to the rest of the world. i do think that the underground bit is part of the fun. the "I know something about this park that most people dont" thing is kind of adventurous in a way. so lets strive to get together and share ideas, but keep it on the down low, as they would say in the hood. (sorry i couldnt resist.)
  2. i would concure about the rinos transmitting capability as compared to other radios though i wouldnt know about waypoint transmission. im wondering if there is some way to boost the transmission power... it recieves just fine.
  3. quote:There is, for such a conference, a huge assortment of people to draw on for very interesting things. All GPS manufacturers. Local outdoor shops - for those essential GPC search needs - hiking stuff. Local parks depts. Topozone, Mapquest, and all other online or mapping businesses. The orienteering community. The adventure racing community. The trail running community. The mountain bike comunity. All the assorted needs manufacturers and vendors associated with the above. Then again, does geocaching need this at all? Will it just expand the community and possibly bring too many people either into geocaching itself, or into organized opposition to it. There are consequences to bring geocaching into a more public light. In the end it could be most advantageous to just stay slightly underground as it is now. not to sound snobby or anything but i wouldnt want trail runners and mountain bikers and "other sports" people there. if its a geocaching conference i would want it to be about geocaching. to add that many other sports which are completely and totally unrelated, and more well known in the general comunity you would end up with a geocaching conference with like 6 running booths 10 mountain biking booths and one or to little tables in the back dedicated to geocaching. instead, how about no biking or running booths but all geocaching booths... and invite the public.. the more the merrier, as long as they dont mess up the natural surroundings and destroy parks etc. more people simply means more caches... and the more the better.
  4. already successfully pulled this off. used it to set up my friends girfriend for proposal, well, his wife now....
  5. thats cool, ALMOST as cool as how my friend brad proposed... hold tight for the URL Check this out
  6. hey,lets get this thread going again.
  7. you could just write "not a pipe bomb" in big red letters on the side.. but i wouldnt worry too much about it, the main problem i have with pipes is size, though on the plus side the shape often makes it easier to hide in some places. if you are hiding it in an open type area, i would suggest the old standby tupperware, just for ease of item uses.
  8. how about having 2 or 3 kinds of bugs, those with specific goals, and those with general, or no goals. this way it will be easier to keep the former from going MIA. i know that many goaled bugs get taken off course ( i have started a thread about it in the TB forum) and some completely derailed from their goal. while the person taking it obviously doesnt care and most other people probably dont (as per the responses i have gotten in my thread) the bug owner and those watching the bug most likely do. if there were a classification on the bugs, then those cachers who most often derail the goals of the bugs could be blocked from seeing the caches that they are in, while still being able to view caches with nongoalspecific bugs. i know that people will still come accross them by "accident" whether it be because the bug was placed 5 minutes before they got there or the cache has been sitting unfound in their GPS for 3 months, however it would stop people from seeing the bug symbol and running out to snatch it without a care in the world as to what its desired goal is. a simmilar policy could be adopted for all bugs concerning logs. ie, if someone goes to a cache that has a bug in it on the page only to find it has been gone for 2 or 3 weeks without being logged they can report that to the site, after so many instances, the offending parties can be blocked from seeing any caches with bugs in them for a certain period of time (like a probationary thing) i know this has the same weeknesses, people will still come accross them by "accident" but one step in the right direction, (of making travel bugs more fun for their owners as well as the people who love to take them) is still movement in the right direction.
  9. cases of dont understand or dont care??? im not looking to "punish" anyone. i simply feel that there should be some way to help each of us to achieve the goals we set forth. thats why rules exist in the first place. to marty i would say, dont stop looking for bugs, just dont take every bug you see without knowing the goal, if it has one. i understand that some bugs are goaled to roam the country all willy nilly without a care in the world of where or when. but why should we who have more specific goals miss out on the fun of seeing our bug visit locales ALONG THE WAY, to the goal that we set? this is my main hesitation in placing one. and why am i considered uptight because i actualy thing that the goal is something to consider when snatching a bug, can you imagine getting in a cab.. "hey, the airport is 20 miles in the other direction, im trying to get somewhere" "man, lighten up, maybe you should have walked or rented a car" i know that sounds like a silly analogy, but some people place their bugs wanting them to travel to specific places or along specific trails and other people dont give a crap. then if they, or someone else says anything about it, screw them, they need to lighten up. plus, my main complaint that noone seems to want to address is that it was taken almost 2 weeks before it was logged. now i know that most people posting in here wouldnt care (espescialy if it was a bug someone else placed) but if something of mine went missing for 2 weeks, then showed up almost 1k miles off course.. i would be dissapointed and upset. maybe i am uptight for saying this but i stick to it, respect your fellow cachers and follow the guidlines they have for their bugs.
  10. in your scenario does that flight last over a week?? and yes 700 miles is far, how about this scenario, you know the goal of the bug is to travel about 1600 miles west so instead of taking it 700 miles east, you do another cache that day that is 5 to 15 miles west, it makes the smaller trip, it stays on course, you log it. as to nurses scenario's if the guy holds it for three months then he falls into the catagory of people that im complaining about. im not saying that if your from out of town dont take the bug, or not to take the bug on long trips. my BIG complaint, and i was clear about it was that it was gone for over a week before i found the cache without the bug in it. and days later (so probably 2 weeks total) until it was logged. i am aware it is a game so lets be courtious to the other people playing by logging bugs we take. so that those of us (such as myself) who enjoy seeing the different travel bugs and helping them on their journeys arent going out of their way to find... nothing.. the 700 mi, complaint applies to 2 things a. the lesser, that i will not now get to see this bug (which i really did want to do) and b. as i said i have been considering placing a bug with a time sensitive goal, so yes a big trip out of the way and smaller trips back would be unacceptable. i never said or implied (as these 2 posters seem to think i did) that you should grab the bug and try to achieve the goal in one fail swoop, i merely said dont hinder or frustrate the goal.
  11. if it's coroding your equipment which is built to be tough, and last a long time why put it on your skin???
  12. http://www.geocaching.com/track/track_detail.asp?ID=6087
  13. recently i came across a post about a travelbug in my area that really got my attention. it was a hawaiian state fish, trying to make its way back to Hawaii, which is west. i went to the cache it was supposed to be in and low and behold, it had been gone for over a week without ever being logged. and did the nice folks that took it bother to place it close by, or at least take it further on its westward journey??? no, they took it over 700 miles off course back east. this REALLY BURNS MY HIDE for two reasons. A. they didnt even log that they had taken it. the whole reason i went to that cache was to get the bug and move it west (as hawaii holds a special place in my heart do to a loved one being from there) only to find someone had decided to sneak it out. and yes, sneak is the word when you swipe it and dont log it for over a week. i know some people will say "but what if they couldnt get to a computer" to that i say, only if they were dragged directly from the cache to the wilderness for over a week, in this area that is not a problem, if you dont have a private comp, there are public ones ALL OVER THE PLACE. B. i have been thinking about placing my own bug with a specific goal, to go to albequerque New Mexico, before i go there to get my Black Belt. this would be a very time sensitive goal. i would be VERY upset if someone were to take it back home with them say to Canada, or New York, or SOUTH CAROLINA. my question is about possible recourse. would there be a way maybe to identify, (by reporting them to the admins, or calculating by the logs how long they have had the bug) people who hamper the bug experience, and block them from being able to see caches with bugs in them? i understand that some bugs have the goal merely to log as many miles as possible in any direction, but there must be someway to help those of us who have specific goals to avoid those people who either do not care to respect our goals (which comes down to a lack of respect for the person who placed the bug) or lack the intelligence to understand the difference in direction and distance between their goals and the goals of the bug owner. ultimately the bug does NOT belong to everyone as another post said, it belongs to the person that purchased it and first placed it, and gave it its goal. these goals and the people who made them should be respected.
  14. you could dig some holes and cover them with leaves as a trap so they bump their heads (for details see the other dagerous cache thread)or put in snakes that will wrap around their legs and bite them(the druggies) (also in that thread. and maybe even spread some broken glass around w/ the needles. ok enough joking, seriously, just sweep them up (use a broom so you dont hafta touch them) then take them to the doctors office like that other guy said. they can handle the cops and all of that mess.
  15. went to get the bug from the afore mentioned cache, and it was taken out almost a week earlier the 28 i got there on the 2nd and it still hasnt been logged as a find, not to mention that the taker is taking it, (if they take it back home) to SC about 1k miles?? (havent checked the milage yet) OPPOSITE of its goal (to travel to hawaii which is west). the cache, other than its location and one or 2 items didnt strike as religious in nature, in other words it was mostly the typical cache items. all in all, i wish people would consider the objective of the bug (and if they can meet that objective) before they take it, and LOG THE BUG WHEN YOU TAKE IT!!! if you can get on to get coordinates you can get on to log the stinkin bug. i know this little rant has had nothing to do with religious caches, but it does partain to a particular cache posted here. thank you for allowing me to vent.
  16. check this out and pettition GM to go into mass production, it has a built in removable GPS... which would be great for those, "on the road" caches. http://www.gmcanada.com/english/gminnovation/conceptcars/concept-borrego.html
  17. in the date scenario it wouldnt be a "blind date" type situation i dont think. more like some one you know, not just some guy/girl.
  18. sounds about right... some people are just jerks.
  19. sounds about right... some people are just jerks.
  20. ok, so if the default is -79 and the ground level is +58, i dont see where altitude makes a difference.. you entered the elevation, but since that is an UP down where as the coords are right,left, forward, back thing, i dont see how it could help unless you were actually thinking of digging for it. personaly i have never messed w/ the elevation feature. and though im sure there is a reason for it, i can not concieve of any possible use i would have for it. (now here come the hypothetical suggestions im sure) as i said any use I would have for it. others may use it moderately to often, i never have.
  21. quote:Most things I left, but I *did* take out the little "comic" that was basically a booklet of why Catholics were going straight to the devil if they didn't convert. i know those, chic tracts their called, some are kinda funny, the ones that arent offensive.
  22. im with eraseek on this one, i wish that easy GPS were the same way, i would like to d/l the loc file w/ the proper cache name and the geocaching icon already in place, i use my gps for various figitings, so it would be really really nice if that orginazational nightmare were put to rest. who would want those GC names anyway??? i have never refered to a cache by that in a forum or a discussion. i just dont understand it!!! anyway i will be looking for geobuddy, if it does what you say, it should be better than easygps.
  23. must admit it is nicely put together. and if one could actually make money at that then hey, why not. but i say 20 would be a better deal for the buyer if it came w/ a gps unit to start it out. (gotta get the coords when you hide a cache).i say throw in a set of rinos and i will pay $20
  24. must admit it is nicely put together. and if one could actually make money at that then hey, why not. but i say 20 would be a better deal for the buyer if it came w/ a gps unit to start it out. (gotta get the coords when you hide a cache).i say throw in a set of rinos and i will pay $20
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