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How do I log found cache

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There are a few different ways that you can log your finds.

1. go to the cache page of the finds that you found and in the right hand corner there is a link that says "log your find"

2. Click on the cache in the geocaching map and there will be a popup that has a link that says "log your find"


You really should read the intro information for geocaching. It will really help you get all of the information that you need to have fun and some success in this hobby. Enjoy!

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The Knowledge Books:



Logging the cache:


If you need to post another type of log, such as a "Didn't find it" or a Note, the same instructions apply, with one small change; instead of choosing "Found It" in the drop-down menu, you would choose the applicable log type.




Logging a travel bug:


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Thanks guys I'll try that next time I ended up using the Iphone app that seemed to be laid out better then the web site.


You can also log directly from the app if you like. When you have the cache info screen pulled up (not the navigation screen) you scroll down a bit to "Post a Log/Field Note". There you can log your find. Just remember to select "Save and Send Log" when you're done and it will upload your log to GC.com and add it to your finds.


Also, a bit of logging etiquette...smartphone cachers often get a bad rap in the caching community for posting crappy short logs. This is usually a result of "real time" logging from the field, where they'll post a quick "Found it" or "TFTC" and move on to the next cache. Most cache owners (and other cachers) really appreciate a little more...at least a sentence or two describing your experience. Was the find tricky or easy, who were you with, what was the weather like, any funny things that happened to you while seeking the cache, that kind of stuff. It makes reading the cache logs more enjoyable and also is a journal of sorts of your caching adventures, that you can look back on months or years from now.


For this reason I usually wait till I get home and sit down at the computer to log my finds...I tend to write fairly wordy logs (although I did write this entire post on my iPhone) :)

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Hello everyone we just got back from our first day where we found 6. How do we show we found them. All I have been able to do so far I log the TB we found. What are the odds of finding a TB on your very first cache ever?


Welcome to the forums and to geocaching. You did well to find 6...and we didn't see a TB in a cache for quite a while! Thanks for logging the TB - did you discover it, or retrieve it to move along to another cache?

Happy Caching!

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What are the odds of finding a TB on your very first cache ever?


Wow. If you had a quid on that you would earn yourself....hmmmmm......£2?


Not that high.


Don't get too excited.


'Huetes out


You will probably find a TB or Geocoin more often than you think but dont let Cacahuetes rude comment belittle your excitement. My children were very excited by finding their first TB/GC and we even showed friends/family and explained where it came from and where it needed to travel to. We took it very seriously and respected the owners wishes and hope other cachers continue with this type of respect.

My boys have a TB out their and it is currently travelling the Netherlands.

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