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Geocache groups in Spokane, WA?

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Welcome, chiefroy! As the Cosmic one noted, WSGA's Inland Empire chapter is based in Spokane, which has a robust geocaching community. Kidvegas19 is your current chapter rep, and our treasurer, lucymogus, is also from your area. Feel free to contact them, or other local cachers - they are a friendly, welcoming bunch!


Here are a few links:


WSGA Facebook page (statewide)

WSGA-IE Facebook page

WSGA-IE chapter forum

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I am new to geocaching and I was wondering if there are any clubs or groups specific to the Spokane, WA. area that anyone know about. If not would ther be any interest in starting one?


Hi Chiefroy,


The Inland Empire Chapter of the WSGA is based out of Spokane and we have get-togethers officially and unofficially throughout the course of the year. We currently have an official event planned GC33BQM the IEWSGA Ghoul-N-Grub 2011: The Return. It is our annual Halloween event and is taking place 10/29/2011. It's a meet and greet with costumes. We do have other events coming up as well.


If you are interested in non-event group get-togethers there is a group of locals who also go out night caching about once a month weather depending. You may want to contact Lookout Lisa for more info on that.


Another fun group (same people, different group name) in our area expands into North Idaho and there is an event there this weekend as well in the CDA/Post Falls ID area.


We hope that helps,


Trevor and Kate

IEC Quartermaster

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