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BUG: Webcam caches are not checked as found any more..


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Since a week back or so, I have noticed if you find a webcam cache and tries to log it, the log will not be 'checked' and in grey background color in the list.

Also the premium membership files I receive includes webcam cache I have found, even that I have checked that I don't want to get caches I have found.


The same problem if you filter search, it will not show found caches. But now it shows found webcam caches.


Can this be fixed please?

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Webcam caches used to have the standard options when logging them, but recently, "Webcam Photo Taken" has taken the place of "Found it" on webcam caches. I had to release a new version of Watcher to handle counting "Webcam Photo Taken" as equivalent to a "Found it" log, and I imagine they're simply a little lagged in getting an equivalence added to their code.


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