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Anyone up for small boat caching?

Sol seaker

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Anyone interested in some small boat caching soon?


I've got a small inflatable raft that will hold two.

I've also got a second inflatable boat if you've got someone you want to bring, then you two can go in my other boat, and I'll take my boat with oars. (works great with one)

Or you bring your boat.


The inflatable boats won't go far, so I'm looking for short easy paddles.

Also, I'm working on the

WA State Island Hopping Challenge which requires one to get caches on 23 different islands, so I'm most interested in island caches.


I've already found the caches in the UW Arboretum (Thanks TerribleT's for an awesome event!!!!!!) but have not found any other small island caches. There's a new one down near Tacoma to get, one near Everett, one in Seattle not far from Harbor Island, etc. etc.


I'm available tomorrow and have some time open during the week. Next weekend, or whenever.


Right now I'm trying to find someone to go tomorrow. Will schedule other days too though.

Open to ideas.

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