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Searching Logs (Google rocks, but not enough)

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In the past, when folks have talked about finding archived caches or travel bugs when they don't remember their ID, some forum participants have recommended using Google to search.


Google rocks; it's the best free search engine, ever, and it can find just about anything.


Today I found a stuffed Ratbert in a cache. Sometime, probably six months ago, I left a stuffed Ratbert in a different cache. Is this the same Ratbert? Well, if I could figure out which cache I left him in, that'd go a long ways towards figuring it out.


I hopped over to Google to search my logs (since it'd be way too time consuming to click through to each cache's log entry, then expand beyond the first few). But ''travisl'', according to Google, only shows up on 28 geocaching.com pages (including travel bug pages). This ain't even close to right, but it's all that Google's found so far.


1) Any idea why Google hasn't crawled the whole site? It's not time... my first find isn't even in there.


2) Any idea of a faster way to search all of my logs for a mention of ''Ratbert''?


"Why don't you just ask somebody?"


"No, no. I've got a map. Don't worry about that."

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shows the most recent logs


shows all the logs.


My guess is that Google sees these as the same and only crawls the first one. So the only results it would show would be caches that have Ratbert in the recent logs.


Only my half-ashed guess.


Solution? Not really, unless you can con Elias or Jeremy into doing a search for you.



Chicago Geocaching

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