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logging geocoins

Squirrel Nut & Beersnob

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They're the honest-to-god USA Geocoins. Otter and Lemur have been having problems with theirs, and I've experienced the same thing with 2 USA geocoins. When I go to the 'track a travel bug' page and enter in the coin #, it says that the tb has not been activated. When I go to the cache page, and click on the link to that specific geocoin, I can then enter in the # and pick it up.


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Originally posted by Jeremy:

What bugs?


I've mailed travelbug@geocaching.com repeatedly on this subject and gotten no answers for over a month.


The problem is that if I walk up to a web browser, fully-activated USA Geocoin in hand, and visit the main travelbug logging page with the intent of logging that I have said USA Geocoin, it informs me that the USA Geocoin has not been activated. If I attempt to activate it, it informs me that it already HAS been activated. Catch-22, eh?


As Squirrel Nut noted, though, if you visit the cache page for the cache the USA Geocoin is allegedly in, and click on the coin, you *are* able to grab it. I can send you the number of the coin with which I've been having this problem, or, if you want, you can go view this thread over in the General forum and see all the details.

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I just placed one of my four geocoins in a cache. Went to the page to input the tracking number so I could edit the coin to distinguish it from the remaining three. From there, it tells me that this bug isn't activated yet. However when you look at my travel bug "inventory" it shows that I own 8 travel bugs (four standard and four coins). So of course I attempt to "activate it" somehow knowing it won't work and sure enough I get the big red letters telling me this bug has already been activated and assigned to someone. I had no trouble with the standard bugs, but I can't do a thing with the four geocoins icon_frown.gif


***UPDATE*** When I logged the "find" for the cache I placed the bug in, I selected the coin from the drop down menu. After I finished processing the find, it allowed me to go back to the cache page, from there I selected the TB coin. From THERE I could edit the coin's information.


So it looks like if someone grabs a coin in a find, they will need to access that TB through the cache page only because inputting the TB# does not work from the TB page.



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Thanks for your help. I determined that there were duplicate entries in the database when the coins were issued in the second batch. The numbers on the coins were not duplicated ... just the numbers in the database.


I removed the offending records and the new travel bugs should be able to activate and be viewed with no issues. I'll remove the number from the other page so people don't know what it is.


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