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how do we stop this?

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I must admit i discovered geocaching through a very similar article in a local free mag, almost identical the one posted. And after using my smart phone to get to grips with geocaching, i am hooked!

I have then spread the word LOUDLY! as its such a great hobby you can do, for free or as expensive as you want to make it, whilst being healthy and walking and not just sat on the couch!

Ive spread the word to the oldy, younguns and the 20-somethings, and they all enjoy it!!


Why keep such a fab game to yourselves?


Most yobs that will muggle a cache wont read the magazine, or go to the effort of actually trying to find it just to muggle it, they would just stumble across it??

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Quite agree, why should we keep it quiet. Anybody who buys a GPS unit from Garmin will find the Geocache mode and look it up.

I only explain the game to people who are really interested and into walking.

I suppose that the answer to the original question is simple, 'just keep starting anti newbie threads like this' and you should drive them away as they will get the impression that we are all grumpy gits who have a secret society similar to the M@$ONS. <_<

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