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New to Geocaching

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Hello Everyone

I'm new to Geocaching, so new I don't even have a GPS. I was looking to buy a used Garmin E-Trex Legend. Its within my budget. The specs on Garmins web site says this GPS in not geocaching friendly. Can this GPS still be used for geocaching?




Works fine for Geocaching. Just make sure it is more than just the base unit model.


The E-trex Legend HcX will have the best signal if you get into heavy trees, color screen and expandable memmory.


The CX has Color and expandable memmory for more maps. You want this. It is only missing the new Sirf chip for a better signal.


or look for a used 60 series on Craigslist. I just picked up a replacement unit. 60CsX for $100

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You can geocache with any Legend. Many of us long time cachers got our start with the Legend.


There are several Legends. The original Legend, Legend C, Legend CX, Legend HCX and the Legend H.


If the one you are considering is the original Legend, Legend C or a Legend CX, I wouldn't spend more that about $15-$20 for it (I had two and gave them away). They were good units in their day but GPS technology has moved well beyond them.


If it's a Legend H in good condition then under $100 would be a good value and if its an HCX in good condition under $120 or so would be a decent deal.

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More expensive GPS receivers are including "paperless caching" features, and these are the ones that are being called "geocaching friendly". But a lot of people have been geocaching without these features for years.


Personally, if I were to buy a new device right now, I'd look for a modern high-sensitivity receiver and the ability to load waypoints from your computer via a USB cable. But I've got a smartphone and Groundspeak's Geocaching app that I use for the paperless cache data and field notes.

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