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Unique moving cache GCKTK0 coming to Åland and Finland


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Hej there,


GCKTK0 is probably the only moving cache on earth transmitting its current co-ordinates to the internet.

When moving, the co-ordinates will be renewed at least every four minutes (usually more often). You can use the link on the cache page to tell the current position of this cache.

This cache is absolutely unique and has now 1400 found-logs from all over the world. And I bet, you've never claimed another cache like this before.


These are the planned dates:

Åland: 24.07. - 26.07.

Turku: 26.07.

Jyväskylä / Lahti: 28.-30. July (guess, what we'll be doing there! ;-) )

Then we will be traveling up north until we hit the Swedish border around 6th August. No exact dates scheduled after Jyväskylä, but we will likely come close to Kuhmo, Kuusamo, Oulu and Rovaniemi.


So watch out for GCKTK0 when out in the street!

Catch us, if you can! Sure we will have a cup of coffee to share with you. Or maybe a bottle of beer...





N 52° 22' E 9° 43'

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