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I was looking for a cache today and could not find it. I went looking on the geocaching pages just now and could not find its existance. I tried finding it by lat/lon coordinates, but it was not listed.


I was thinking it would be easier to find it by the name of the person's profile name. I think people in a particular area would like to see all available by those who become somewhat known to the geocaching community.


What's the thought of starting a search method on the pages by profile name? I know this will mean more work for the webmasters.


Hal Huntley (halhal)


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If you know the users name, you can find all cache placed by that user with the following example:


or if you wanted caches found by a specific user



However, if the cache doesn't show up, most likely it has been archived. It would not show up on a search by user name, but it WOULD show up (with a line through it) on a list of caches FOUND by a certain user.


However, right now, there is no way to search through the thousands and thousands of registered accounts to be able to find a particular name. You have to know that up front.



Chicago Geocaching

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