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Delorme Plug in installation issues

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I am running in to issues installing the Delorme Plugin on my new computer. Running Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 (64 bit), Firefox 4.0.1, IE 9.0.1. The Delorme plug in seems to install normally, but does not actually show up in the list of plug-ins in Firefox. The plug in does not seem to work at all in Firefox. In IE it sort of works. When you select the "send to gps" link, the popup window comes up, but does not recognize the plug in until you click the Delorme Tab. Then it runs ok until the next cache you want to download.

Any suggestions or similar experiences?

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I have come to the conclusion that every time Groundspeak says it is updating site,they mess something up.Use GSAK or Delorme topo and download the LOC files,than transfer to Delorme gps.I have an desktop folder named "cache locs".I put the caches in it and open them through topo 8 file,,import.............. Than use handheld exchange to put them on either sd card or internal.

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When I downloaded the newest Firefox version, I got a message that the Garmin plugin was not compatible. I never use the DeLorme one because I always use Topo to load caches. I think the manufactures are the ones who update their plugins to keep up with browser changes not Groundspeak.

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