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User supplied coordinates - a possible idea


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I wonder if it would be possible to consider making user supplied coordinates into a link to MapQuest? I'm specifically thinking of locationless cache logs, rather than "corrected" coordinates which finders post in their logs.



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I would love to see some way of user supplied co-ords being downloadable as part of the .loc file. Eg some sort of UBB code that we can enter when we build our cache description that GC.com will parse and build a .loc file for that particular cache. For example this cache has 10 sets of co-ords, it would be great if there was a link at the bottom of the page to download a .loc containing all these points. I guess the cache creator could have supplied a .loc file, but then he/she would have to get it out of EasyGPS, then upload it as a image to the cache page, explain what it is (as GC.com is expecting a picture) etc etc



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I took BigNick's advice and uploaded a .LOC files to a cache page (in this case in a log entry) as an image and when clicked on, it opens a new browser window where it normally displays a picture but it displays an error instead - Click on the words:


(not an image)


And it will upload the file to EasyGPS - from there you download to your GPS as usual.


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