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I think you have to be a premium member to have a signature line.

I think so, too. But the entry is in everyone's profile, which causes confusion.


Anyone can make their own signature line using BB code, then cut&paste into the messages they want. There's probably a Firefox plugin for that, too.

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Everyone used to be able to have a signature line... then it was lost when they revamped the forums.

A Feedback request was made to reinstate NON premium member signatures... and JEREMY stated quickly that it SHOULD be working again.


However it is NOT working, and several people have passed that along again... Right now it seems to be PMO. I agree it is easy to make a signature or any other graphic. Most of the attention came when people were trying to compensate for the loss of the LOCATION information over on the left side box, so we knew roughly where people were from... another subject re requested.


There are items on the Feedback to read (forget the links right now) but one is in accepted and one is in completed. The location one WAS at about 95 votes last time I looked, and may be higher now (accepted). Signatures only had 7 then, and you get what you vote for (completed).


Doug 7rxc


From Elkford, BC, Canada

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