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CITO with a difference - Cache In, Alien Out

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Hi all


I'm new to events and how one goes about staging them. I see there is loads of material on the subject and I shall read that. What I wanted to present here was a variation on CITO which I call Cache In, Alien Out.


I belong to a group of volunteers who assist in the conservation of a biodiversity hot-spot in the Cape (South Africa) Floral Kingdom. The conservation area is on private land and the rather sensitive so general public access isn't possible. That said, the land owner and reserve manager allows us to stage activities to both promote the area and assist with it's conservation.


I'd thought it would be both fun and educational to stage a Geocachcing event in the area. The conservation team really like the idea and we thought that we could take a guided tour an at selected spots hunt for caches (we could provide the co-ordinates via email when people RSVPd) which would contain information about that the area/plants/etc. We would also use the opportunity to help with some alien clearing.


I would really appreciate feedback on my idea.



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Sounds like a great idea! Though South Africa is a bit far for me. :P I know that the Angeles National forest by Los Angeles could use the same help. After the fires a couple years ago there are some pretty bad invasive species.

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