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Looking for iPhone 3 input for GC

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I just upgraded from a flipphone to an iPhone 3. It looks like I can use pocket queries on it if I download the app.

Because my Garmin eTrex Legend H does not support PQs, I have been using my Kindle which has worked out fairly well.


I think the app is about $10.00.

I'm new to the whole iPhone thing and it looks like it could be a pretty cool addition to spur of the moment caching.


I'm looking for input, pros and cons....


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Which version of the iPhone 3 do you have? Both the 3g and the 3gs have gps chips, but the 3gs is much more accurate for caching. I use the Groundspeak app with it for caching on the fly or if I am outside of a pocket query. It is handy for logging a cache or two.


But to complement your premium membership, and for paperless features to use with your handheld, you may want to look at geosphere. You can easily import the pq into it and from there you can filter it in any number of ways to find the caches you want. It will map out the entire pq to help plan routes. It can be used with Navigon and other apps to give you voice directions to the cache. Its HTML display is beautiful, I use it for many caches even though my gpsr supports paperless features. It supports field notes to make logging easy.

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