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Needs to be a better search engine on the home page

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I have a suggestion for the homepage. When you go to www.geocaching.com, I think there should be 2 boxes on there where you can enter the Waypoint ID or the "name" of the cache. This way you have an easy way to search for caches espically when trying to find them to log them in. Or maybe have the search page that you have now, have a quick link to it. It seems the way it works nor is you have to go to your zipcode or coordinates then click on the link to search for more geocaches.





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We're working on making the search engine more robust. I added an "advanced search" text to the front page that links to the search page. When I get a more advanced search feature the link will be replaced.




Jeremy Irish

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Hey Jeremy, when you say 'more robust' what kind of additions/improvements are you talking about? Is it too soon to know exactly what we're going to see? Is one of the improvements going to be a multiple parameter search (ie. Small caches in NJ)?




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