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Geocoin retida


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Recebi o seguinte email de um geocacher Belga:


Hello Paulo,

I have a question for you, hope you don't mind bothering you :-).

By accident I saw your log on Woluwe Witloof GC28DJ6 and discovered that you are from Portugal.

My problem is the following: One of my coins is taken out of a cache in Portugal by a Portuguese at 11 april 2010.

I wrote him several times asking to drop the coin, but he never answers my mails.

Maybe his emailadress isn't correct, I don't know.

Is it rude from me to ask if it's possible for you to ask him in Portuguese to drop the coin in another cache, or maybe ask on the forum from Portugal Geocaching if anybody know who the man is ?

I would love to see my coin moving again after almost a year :-).


The cacher is Bitker and my coin is: John Harrison geocoin http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.aspx?id=634213.


It would be very very nice from you of you would take some time to help me !


Thanks, much greetings, Katinka


Se alguém conhecer o geocacher bitker peço o favor de entrarem em contacto com ele, de modo a resolver esta situação.

Muito obrigado.

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