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NEPAL Treasure Country

The Axis of Nepal

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Hi darlings treasure hunters Namaste! :)


If you have never been on a Quest in Farawayistan where the Yeti hides then this is your chance.

Nepal's National Tourist Board and the Ministry of Tourism have declared 2011 a VISIT NEPAL YEAR and you better take a chance! Many events and...oh yes...treasure hunting is our favorite free time hobby. There are so many hidden treasures from ancient times that it takes for ever to find them all. A trekking guide book about Nepal...no matter which one you use...falls always short to mention plenty of treasures and places we Nepalese know and are eager to show to you (as long a you not steal any artifacts, which is illegal of course! Our Airport Customs Authorities may arrest you on your way out and the Judges of Kathmandu District Court will level a huge sum of fines on you to get released from jail har-har). A hidden Treasure in Nepal is called a Terma. The Tradition of "seek & find it" is going on for almost 1500 years! Join the party! :antenna:

However; various cultural and religious treasures that can be found with some efforts and taken home for souvenir and spiritual improvements are available abundantly too. Contact me...I tell you how...oh...almost forgot: I have posted a cache that is hidden at the axis of Nepal...it may still need some time here to be approved...take your chance... visit my page...maybe it is already posted. If you are on your way to loot this treasure from us...let me know that you are on your way to take up this challenge ...so I can put some guarding dos around it, who will watch, that you follow our rules! :omnomnom:

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