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I think that the Seek a Geocache search engine is good, but I have some suggestions to improve it. I don't know the constraints or limits of the website, but I wanted to let others humiliate me by beating my suggestions to a pulp.


1- Search by Cache Owner (You have to go through profiles to do this now, which isn't that hard. Being able to search would be easier however.)


2- Search by Cache Type, Cache Size, Difficulty, and/or Terrain


3- Search by Cache Age and/or Last Visit/Find


These improvements are nearly useless unless they can be made to work WITH the area searchs.


4- Search in multiple fields.


For example, Let's find all the New Hampshire Caches placed by the Yellow Dog Project (there are three, I believe). Just select NH for the area, type Yellow (or Dog or project, etc.) into the owner field and hit "Find". Of course if a Geocacher named mellow_yellow placed a cache in NH that could appear as well.


Example 2- What heavy difficulty (4+) caches have been visited in zip code 13820 in the last six months?

ZIP: [13820]

Difficulty: [4][and up]

Last visit: [within the last][6 months]

Hit "find".


I realize some of the search fields could seem like overkill to some, but others might want them. Personally, I'd want to see the fields listed in #2 as search fields, while I see the items in #3 as too much.


Post a reply if you have any criticisms, comments, additional ideas, or questions.




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