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Waypoint error - is it additive?


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I am afraid I am beginning to see the issue - it appears there may be more than one. But it seems the largest issue revolves around whether the proposed formulas measure the error between two random points generated from the same target or from two points where the second is generated from the position error of the first. Those are two different problems, but it is certain that the second condition is the one that applies to geocaching. So dfx, when you generated your table, did you use the same target point for each of the two test columns. I think the answer is no - and therefore you have tested the second condition - the one applicable to geocaching.

Actually, I don't think either of those issues applied to the question asked in the OP. Those seem to be the issues that are brought up when the poster isn't clear about what is being asked.

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Statistically when threads end up with two poster arguing over whether the other is talking about the same thing they are, the threads get lock. If each mentions this 20 times the topic will be locked after 40 post worse case. But if Keystone or mtn-man are really on the ball, the topic could be locked after 28.28 posts.

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I'm fine if they want to lock this thread. I agree, it's gone way downhill. I'm sorry that it turned into the back and forth that it has.


"If you say so and so you're wrong"

But he didn't say that.

"I said IF"

Why would you tell someone they can't say something that they didn't say?

"I didn't, you did"



I got my answer, plus a bunch of other information. It's time for this one to go away.

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