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Custom POIs on Nuvi 295W

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So, I recently got a Nuvi 295W (needed a GPSr for my bicycle, of course, along with the TomTom in my car and the 60CSX in my hand). The manual for it is pretty much useless as far as loading custom POIs goes, so I read a few threads here and thought I knew how to do it ... but apparently not.


I have GSAK. I downloaded and installed a likely-looking macro called GarminCsvPoiExport-v2. Ran it, then used POI Loader to send the file to the Nuvi. Ran the Nuvi, clicked my way through the screens to the POI one, found no Geocaches category or any sign where I might find them. Went back to GSAK and got another likely-looking macro called Nuvi60CsxGarminCsvPoiExport. Repeated the process with the same non-result. When I look at the POI folder on the Nuvi itself there's a file called Geocaches.gpi, but it's suspiciously small to contain even the most basic of cache data.


Am I using the wrong macro(s)? Is there some other step I'm missing?

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I have loaded geocache info (description, logs etc) into my Nuvi 295W using GSAK and the garmin_nuvi_exportgpx macro. You will also need the Garmin POILoader program. And I am using the "My Garmin Model" setting of "Oregon" in the macro.


The POI can be viewed on your 295W in Extras after you click on Where To?

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