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What to do if a cache is not there anymore

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If I come to a cache and can't find it. I log is a "didn't find".

Unfortunatly not all cachers are doing this. (probarly because they think it's not looking good). But ok.


Than you see more do not finds. Some over a long time ago......

I send a maintenance note (as maybe others have done before and after me)...but still ....no reply....cache will still be "available".

This means that more cachers are going and will be disappointed...


What can we do to get No finds faster from the "active" list. Especially if the cacheowner just don't reply

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You can always post a 'Needs Archive' log on the cache page. A copy of every NA log will automatically go to one of the NZ Reviewers. If the cache owner takes no action, or further action is required (depending on the circumstances) the Reviewer will then take some action on that cache.


Some cachers are reluctant to post a Needs Archive log, but they are a valid and acceptable log in such circumstances.

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