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my first hidden cache


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I saw a car parked outside our house just now and jokingly said to Mr AB "i wonder if that is a geocacher"

lo and behold it was, I could see a lit up GPS or mobile in the hands of someone in the car, they were looking for the cache i have hidden ( I can see folk looking for it from the house) ~I could see the torches shining as they were looking.

All excited here lol my very first cache hidden, albeit and easy peasy one to start with :-)

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I have a nano hidden in a shopping center near me that I often walk to. I remember the first time I was walking home and saw a family poking around searching for my cache. I was going to introduce myself as the CO, but instead I just watched them for a moment and continued walking. I felt good knowing I was helping this family get out and bond instead of staying at home and watching TV or playing video games.

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