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tracking number vs reference number?

Guest 2kxtra
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Guest 2kxtra

I just got my pack o' bugs today and as we all know they have a tracking number on them. But when I activate it, I'm given a refence code to use. My question is why? Why not just use the unique number it already has imprinted on it?


thanks for your help,



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Guest Markwell

There are actually a couple of different numbers to notice.


The six digit number on the tag: Used to reference the bug when you're logging it. Without that number, you can't say that you've grabbed it from a cache. This was intended to prevent false logs, but as put forth in this thread I don't think false logs have happened yet. I wouldn't tempt some unscrupulous person though.


The other regular number is found in the website of the Travel Bug after you activate it. This is a sequential number of the bugs in the order in which they were logged. It is key to the database to keep track of the logs and such, but it is different than the six digit code on the bug, since the idea is prevent false movements. This is the ?public? number of the bug.


The third is that nebulous "TB****" number. It is actually the bug's website number translated into Hexidecimal format. To see a little more information than you really wanted to know about Hexidecimal format, see my dissortaion How Waypoints are Generated on my FAQ page. The same applies to the caches as it does to Travel Bugs, except that Travel Bugs start with TB and Geocaches start with GC.




My GPS Activity Page

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