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downloading caches to gps

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looking at the manual you save the gpx to you pc and use the sync software to load to your gps. so you should need a cable.


you'll need to experiment on whether a PQ of data can be transferred or just one at a time.


if you are not premium members for PQ'S you can get a month for only $3 to try it out.

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OK, looked into it further, You use the SatSync software to import geocaches, either by .loc file, .gpx file or the zipped Pocket Query Files. Geocache files are considered OOI's (Objects Of Interest). You then use the SatSync software to send these files to your GPS.


From the SatSync manual:


There are three types of files which you can download from geocaching.com and import to your Active 10:


1) LOC Waypoint File: this file only contains the latitude, longitude and name of a geocache


2) GPX eXchange File: in addition to the information contained in a LOC file, this file contains the cache type, size, description, difficulty, terrain, recent logs and hints. SatSYNC also downloads pictures if they are available as illustrated in 13.


3) Pocket Query Zip File: this zip file contains several geocaches which meet your search criteria. The zip file can contain either LOC files or GPX files. You can build a pocket query by going to “Your Profile” and clicking on “Build Pocket Queries” which is under “Premium Features”


Please note that you cannot send geocache files to your Active 10 by clicking on “Send to GPS”. You need to download the files to your computer and then import them to your Active 10 by using SatSYNC. You can find the imported geocaches in the Active 10 OOI Folders. When you have found or not found a cache, you can change its icon accordingly through the Edit POI Menu (see the 1.5 Active 10 Full User Guide).


SatSync Manual


Active 10 Manual


SatSync software


enjoy Geocaching and let us know how it works out!.


As a side note, its neat to see this is a UK product as it refers to "pubs" in the manual.

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Although we live in Cyprus we got a special deal of the Active 10 plus the whole of Great Britain map.


We are still trying to figure the GPS out and how to use it, but slowly slowly we should be up and running by today.


Ellie & Bryan


ps you can also buy additional maps too :-)

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It really helps if someone is there to show you. Knowing how to enter the coords of a cache, and clicking "go to point" is not enough. Knowing that once you are within 30 feet of the cache the GPS starts going wonky, takes experience. So what I do is when I am within 30 feet, I sight a line from my GPS arrow to the object it is pointing at 30 feet away, like a tree. That tree becomes my center of a search circle.

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