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New Cache Rating System


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I have looked at Gcvote and only 25% of caches have been rated in my area and 90% by only 1 person.

Not many people are ever going to go to a 1 star cache, to see if it is correctly rated.

so how is it ever going to get a second opinion?

Secondly there are always groups of people, who don't like each other, in geocaching, so Gcvote is the perfect way to have a go at people you don't like!.

This can not be good for Geocaching in general.

Like the previous person said, if it has a Favorite that's good and if it doesn't then that's neutral,and will not effect if i choose to go there or not.

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Since everyone keeps talking about how the Favorites system should show percentages instead of just the raw number, I banged out a quick Greasemonkey script to do this. It's not perfect, but it gives us a quick calculation to look at until Groundspeak comes up with something built-in.


This macro is freaking awesome! I have rediscovered a passion for geocaching again! This new addition to the site, and new macros like the one lil devil put out are FINALLY getting quality hides to the forefront again! Yeehaw!

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I like the new system; I hope they add the % though. I just hope that they DON'T implement anonymous favoriting. Being able to see who fav'd a cache reduces the odds of people voting up their friends caches. And if they do at least you'll be able to see it. Transparency tends to be better in most things, and I don't see how this is any different. A favorite is a purely positive thing - you should be proud of your favorites list in any case.


And besides, it's interesting to see people's lists. You could see who's been favoriting the same caches you do, and use their list to get recommendations on other caches that you might like too.

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