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I'm new... about TBs and...

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Hi, my friend and I just joined geocaching (separeately, he's in Florida) and subsequently Groundspeak. I don't understand the travel bug at all. The more I read the more confuzzled I get. does this thing actually exist? is it just "posted?" consider me confused. Also I will be going from Monterey,CA to Athens,Greece at the end of the month.. I'd love to help a little guy see the world. icon_smile.gif

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A travel bug is a dogtag.. with a unique serial number. A lot of times these 'bugs' have hitchhikers attached to them.. these can be anything.. Toy cars, toy animals, keychains, just about anything can be attached to the bug.


Most people consider the hitchhiker to be the bug. I know I do.


These bugs are tracked via this site by their unique serial number. When you find a cache that has a bug, feel free to bring it with you. When you get back home, or to a computer, you log the cache as found, then click on the link to the bug in the upper right corner of the cache page, and that will take you to the bugs page. Then log the bug as found. You will need the unique serial number, as a sort of key to log the bug.


The site will then remove the bug from the cache and place it in your inventory. When you take it to drop off at another cache, you will have the option on a pull down menu when you log the cache of placing the bug there.


The site will then register on the bugs page that you dropped it off, and show it on the cache page that it is there. It will then compute the distance the bug travelled from the last cache to the present cache.


Some bugs have travelled thousands of miles.


Many bugs have specific goals, and if you can help it on it's way.. great. If you can't, you don't have to take it out of the cache.


It's always good to have an idea of the bugs goal before you take it with you from the cache site.

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If you want to learn about TBs, one way is to look at some examples, by going to the "Track Travel Bugs" page and look some up, or just look up the bugs in some caches near you.


... but DON'T look at Alien Army of Chaos, it's an abomination big_smile.gif


You could take something over there, or send back a "souvenir" you find there as a bug, so many possibilities... The latter option could be awkward, because it's better if the bug should have an instruction tag on it. You would know the goal and tracking number in advance, but not what it was or its name.


I have some tags, I could put together a TB for each of you to have come back to CA (or ?), or you could buy your own tags and do your own. A bug should have a theme/goal. We in the forums can help/coordinate, or work through email directly.


Either way, take a picture of it before you send it on its way. Not that THAT BOTHERS ME!


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Originally posted by Sir Lost Alot:

I am going to Florence Italy next month ... [snip] start a cach o'er there.


Hmmm. I just noticed that part. That's called a vacation/tourist cache. Please don't do that unless you plan on maintaining the cache. How often do you get to Florence?


I came up with an idea for a TB for Florence: a bell named Giotto (the architect of the Duomo campanile). Can I send it to you before you go? If not, I'll find a cacher in Florence and mail it to them.

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Please note - if you don't know the goal or can't help - not taking the bug doesn't mean you don't get credit for finding it! This seems to be another area of confusion - just like caches that you don't take anything from, you can log the TB as a find! Remember to record it's unique number on the dogtag, and log it when you get back to your computer (but don't log the number in your cache entry). You get credit for two finds, the cache and the bug!

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Bugs have to travel some distance before they, well, have a record of distance traveled.


... but seriously, bugs have to travel from cache to cache before the mileage accumulates, and a total of about 50 miles for a map to be available to show the travels.


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