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Just did a search for all EC types in Virginia, search results returned were for 116 caches. But then I noticed that neither of my two were listed. Then noticed that two others here locally also were missing. And then I checked another state that I have bookmarked some for an upcoming trip, and those don't show up in the search either.


So, has anyone else noticed problems searching for ECs?

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I posted something on this awhile back. I would like it to be updated but I am not sure if that is going to happen.




Thanks, had missed the prior thread. Frankly I was assuming that since the GSA site was announcing new search capabilities that they would then also have current information. Hopefully there can be a way to be able to get at least near real time updates into their system.

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I don't think the GSA site has been updated since the first of the year. You would be better off searching using the GS system.


Roger that. Was simply trying to check it out since they have a site revision that says:

"NEW SEARCH FEATURE - Try out the new way of searching for EarthCache Sites in your country or state. You can also list them by topics (volcanoes, fossils, etc). Go the EarthCache Listings page and follow the link at the top of the page."

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