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Knowledge Books: Updates and Additions

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The Groundspeak Knowledge Books contain helpful information for every player of our games. It was created by Lackeys and Reviewers working together.



Start with the options you'll find on the left margin of the page. You can browse the many articles that way.


Some Knowledge Book pages have been highlighted and others have been marked as "most helpful" by geocachers like you.


This thread will be a growing list of recently-added pages. As such, you may want to "watch it" or subscribe to it so that you are alerted when new pages become available.


Thanks for reading!



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Added recently:


Geocaching → Review Process: Hiding a Geocache → Saturation Guideline: Hidden, Virtual and Additional Waypoints



Geocaching → Review Process: Hiding a Geocache → Additional Cache Hints



Trackables → Beginner's Basics → Activating a Trackable - screencast



Premium Membership → Pocket Queries → Creating Your First Pocket Query - screencast



Premium Membership → Benefits → Creating a Bookmark List - screencast


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Also added within the past month:


Geocaching → My Account and Profile → Status Types in a Profile Page



Geocaching → Finding Geocaches → Download Cache Information



Geocaching → More Site Functionality → Souvenirs


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More pages have been added or edited to the KB for your learning pleasure.


Premium Membership → Buying a Premium Membership → Buying Premium Membership as a Gift (edited)



Geocaching → Geocaching with Android → Introduction to Groundspeak's Geocaching for Android Application



Geocaching → Geocaching with Windows Phone 7 → Introduction to Groundspeak's Geocaching for Windows Phone 7 Application



Geocaching → Review Process: Hiding a Geocache → Challenge Caches (edited)



Geocaching → Review Process: Hiding a Geocache → Technology and Links on Cache Pages



Additionally, te entire KB chapter on Forums has seen quite a few changes. Perhaps it would be best for me to link you to the entire chapter instead of just one page → Tips and tricks for use in our discussion Forums.


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Guidelines For Placement, Listing And Logging


We have edited the guidelines page: http://www.geocachin...guidelines.aspx

What did we do, basically?

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Geocaching 4.9 Ratings for Difficulty and Terrain. Updated level 5 (difficulty and terrain)

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2.1 An introduction to Pocket Queries

2.6 Tips and Known Issues

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Updated: Camping Event Caches. Added text about logbooks.

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Challenge Caches has been updated. This is a re-write of the previous page. Note that the Challenge Cache guideline has also been updated.


Update to guidelines, "Note: Challenge caches published prior to the guideline update 3/12/12 are grandfathered into the game and do not need to comply with current guidelines."

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Updated Event Cache, CITO and Mega-Event guidelines with relation to external sponsorship.

Mega-Events are bound by an additional guideline about this aspect of organization, and other events types are not.


From guideline for Mega-Events: "In consideration of the significant resources we devote to publicizing the Mega-Event, Groundspeak reserves the right to deny or retract publication of Mega events sponsored by other commercial geocache listing services, as well as parent and affiliated companies, unless written permission has been granted in advance by Groundspeak."

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Premium Membership:

1.2 PMO Caches (Explanations of how to identify them)

1.4 CAAR (clarified instructions; added link to video)

1.5 Instant Notifications (clarified instructions)

1.6 Favorites (added links)

1.8 Google Maps (page added)

1.9 Map Filtering (page added)

1.10 Geocaching Premium Statistics (page added)

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