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Is anyone else finding that if you do a "nearest to home" search in Google Maps, if you leave the window open a few hours and then move the map it loses track of which caches are found and simply reverts them all to the standard box icons?


It used to do that to me when my cookie expired and I'd have to log in again, but now it does it predictably. If I refresh the map page it reverts back to showing smiley icons but at the same time zooms in on my home location.


It's irritating rather than show-stopping, just wondering if it's just me that's seeing this.

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Just had this myself while logging yeserdays finds, moved the map slightly and all of a sudden all the caches I`d found in the area previously are now unfound :D Sorted out by going back to my profile than moving the map back to the right area and hey presto, lots of smileys again :)

Just noticed that if you click on the reply button it puts a quote of the previous post into the reply box but the reply button doesn`t seem to do anything, didn`t think this forum was linked to the main site for the updates?

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