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Looking for a TB - San Diego to Uath

oman & flowergirl

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Just by looking at the "nearest to" in your area, I can see travel bugs in caches Soledad splendor, Green Eggs and Ham, and Engagement Arrangement. Although they have the travel bug symbol by their names, The Great Wall of La Jolla, Gator the Bear, and The Hangman's Highway do not have travel bugs in them, I can tell this from reading the logs. The travel bug destination can also be found by clicking on the travel bug's name where he's listed on the cache page, and going to the travel bug page and reading his goals. I think all three of those mentioned have just general travel goals. (However, the Wedding Favor TB in engagement arrangement can't go with you to Utah, because it is only supposed to go to romantic places. icon_wink.gif)

SO GET OUT TO ONE OF THOSE CACHES AND GRAB A TRAVEL BUG FAST!, because they don't stick around long.



How do they get a deer to cross at that yellow road sign?


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