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Question for a Geologist


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I'm working on an EC and am just a bit over a week into the research. I have a pretty specific question that I need to ask related to formations/stratigraphy and what I believe is called stratigraphic relationships. I think that I've gone as far as I (a non-geologist) can in trying to understand conformable vs. unconformable and think that my question is going to be related to a type of unconformity and being able to classify a formation. But I have a graphic of formations at my EC site and need to ask a "what would this be called" kind of question about a particular named formation.


I would like to be able to ask the specific question off-line because asking it here, and what with folks being able to search for forum posts, would I think give away something that I want to ask about in a logging question. And I also need to send a very small JPEG to you so that you can see what I'm referring to.


I'm hoping that this is the kind of thing that a geologist who is knowledgeable on stratigraphic relationships would be able to look at it and quickly say, "oh, when a formation is like that it's called ____."



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