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Dipping a bug

Student Camper

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I wasn't going to pipe in but reading this, one has to wonder how someone that joined in 2007 (much like myself) can argue the purist point of view with someone that has been in the game/sport since 2003 plus others attempting to suggest this narrow view may be slightly askew that have been active since it all started. I'm thinking that in itself is a HINT...


I mean really how is it possible you have even seen the original. I've been to the site of the (so called) original stash but I've never actually seen the Original. I also share the feeling that I would hate to see the game diluted. But with GPSr's released with preloaded Caches and Phone Apps with no explanation for the most part of how it all works... Good luck with that. Over the few years I've been involved I've met cachers from all over the world. I know very few if any that don't have a personal geocoin or travel bug. Just Say'n...


Lighten up we know it's your opinion but those whom live in a glass house shouldn't cast the first stone. It could give the wrong impression that everyone else is wrong and your opinion is the only correct one and when you persistently cram it down our throats (then I'm not sure it's and opinion anymore). It's a game. It has no real rules only guidelines, the folks that make those guidelines and maintain the facilities go through great efforts to make it fun for everyone, not just the self righteous puritans.


Me personally prefer some indication a traveler is not lost - if it visits (of which I am one of many that applied efforts to get this feature) that at least tells me it is still out there. The time it saves in logging and the cutting back on "Dipped" logs on cache pages and the residue of travelers that are left in event cache and other cache pages that the CO is responsible for alone is worth pissing off every purist in the game. So I would like the "Visit" feature promoted more so folks start using it more.


There are many other aspects out there that make TB's a lot of fun, like one that we currently have possession of which is a Bushwhackers Challenge Stick... When you find the cache it is placed in you can log it, carve your name and then place it in another or create another cache to place it in for the next one to meet the challenge. It becomes very sought after and fun. There are Banners that go to events, We've seen Tattoos, Cars, huge TB Tags, heck even Signal wears a TB tag...


Anyway, thank you for playing and good luck with your opinion it is refreshing to know there are cachers out there that try their very best to keep the game going in what they feel is a good direction. Please just don't get so entangled that you forget to enjoy it and take it all in along your Journey.


Seriously this isn't meant to be a bashing, only "My Opinion" of what I read and an expression of how I feel.

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