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Mega Event Finland 2011


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MEGA Finland 2011:

Geocaching in Tampere, 12 to 14 August

The first mega-sized geocaching event ever organised in Finland will be held in Tampere next summer, 12 to 14 August. Geocachers and their families and friends from all over the world are warmly welcome to join this extraordinary Nordic adventure!


The main venue of the event will be a unique Geocaching Village just a few kilometres from the centre of the city. In the village, there are several accommodation options for up to 1000 participants.


Please visit the cache listing at http://coord.info/GC2G855. Groundspeak has wished that people would send their Will attend logs as soon as possible. Then they are able to change the cache icon to a Mega-Event Icon.


Once again and on behalf of the great organising teams and all the volunteers:


Welcome to MEGA Finland 2011! Let's meet and geocache in Tampere!


And let’s start with sending the Will attend log ;)

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MEGA Finland 2011:

Geocaching in Tampere, 12 to 14 August


The Finnish Mega-event was published only 22 hours ago. Nevertheless, it seems to have already hit a new Nordic record as far as Will attend logs are concerned. This is going to be great, if not the greatest ever, and surely worth of also a long journey :rolleyes:

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