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Does a travel bug visit to a "micro-cache" count???

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Hello All-


I have a question for you. I will be traveling to Washington from Colorado next week.


I have two travel bugs that want to stop in each and every state I drive through.


My question is, if I find a "micro-cache" along the way, will that count as a cache that the travel bug visited? (I'm "touching" the cache with the travel bug, but keeping the bug so it can go onto the next state, and so on. I will then log each "touch" on the travel bugs page).


I know "virtual" caches won't count, but I was wondering about micro-caches.


Thank you.

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Depends on the owner. I asked that same question to an owner that had the goal of the bug to visit as many states as possible. I was going on a trip through 6 states and had the bug. I e-mailed the owner that I would be visiting caches in each state, and that I could rack up the mileage on the trip and deposit it at the last cache of the trip. They declined and wanted a 1 cacher = 1 contiguous movement policy.


Other bugs like Speedy Gonzales encourage placement and immediate movement. Contact the bug owner and see what they want.



Chicago Geocachers

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Should have mentioned that in my previous post. I already contacted the owner and he said it was ok to do the "touch-and-go's".


I guess my question is related more to the "micro caches" since a travel bug attached to a stuffed animal or a luggage tag, etc wouldn't "fit" into a micro-cache.

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i remember the ruling as this is ok as long as the the person with TB(in this case you, right?) has the tb with them and they find the cache (signing the log in case of a physical cache).

the only problem i see in this case is as Markwell points out, you should check with the bug owner to make sure they dont object to this type of movement.



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Originally posted by bradtal:


I guess my question is related more to the "micro caches" since a travel bug attached to a stuffed animal or a luggage tag, etc wouldn't "fit" into a micro-cache.


I launched one of my bugs from my micro cache Tiny-ID - and had to sit it next to the cache as the cache is only big enough to hold a quarter. The bug was picked up and moved along fine... far better than the three that are MIA that were put in a regular size cache.

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At the weekend I started with two TBugs, and visited four caches (three new finds, and a check-up on one of mine). I intended to come home with no TBugs, but the first cache was only big enough for the smaller one, and the other three were all too small or too full (or both) so I ended up bringing one TBug home. I logged it as a touch-and-go at each cache I visited because it seemed to me that they were all part of its story. It went there. It just didn't fit. Didn't seem fair not to record the visits...


Purrs... LazyLeopard http://www.lazyleopard.org.uk

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