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Need Help chosing a gps!


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Ok Im in the market to purchase a GPS for Geocaching....daughter works at Cabalas and I have a choice of 2... I can get The Garmin Dakota $199.00 or the Garmin Oregon $230.00 they are only 30.00 difference in cost. Which one is the best one for caching? :P Dakota10 and the Oregon 300

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Moving to the GPS and Technology forum.


Which model Dakota? Which model Oregon?

Not sure all I know is the Dakota runs about 275.00 and the Oregon runs about 360.00 but with her discount I can get it cheeper.

Dakote 10 and the Oregon 300


hold our for an oregon 450. much better screen resolution then the 300. it was $249 at REI a few months back, perhaps will be that price again next big US shopping day (black friday??)

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If you must choose between those two, the Oregon 300 is the way to go.


However as brucered states, an Oregon 450 is a much better choice if you can afford the difference (and assuming it might be available to purchase under the employee discount program you mentioned).


The 300 is a star performer with electronic compass and a MicroSD card slot for expansion - the Dakota 10 has no expansion slot for adding memory and no electronic compass which would be deal breakers for me personally.


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