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Loading Routes Onto Blackberry?

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i love using my BlackBerry to cache. However i sometimes find myself driving and walking to and fro from cache to cache because the app i use lists cache distances ATCF of course.


Is there any way to create or upload a route onto my BlackBerry?


If not, i may have to get a GPS! Are there any GPSr that work like the BlackBerry app? My issue is that i don't own a PC. i like pulling up closest caches where ever i am and not having to load caches via a PC.


If i did get a GPS i would like it to work like the BlackBerry app. i'd get to a PC to load routes for trips though as that would be a lot less frequent than loading caches for short trips in nearby towns.


Any suggestions would be great! Thanks!

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I don't think that you can store a route on the BlackBerry (at least not with any free applications).


You can use Google Maps to create a route in Google Maps on your BlackBerry but it won't incorporate your caches unless you create them as points in Google Maps. Google Maps won't give you turn by turn directions, though.


You would need something like VZNav (a paid app) for that.


Maybe you should switch to the iPhone .... <ducking> ..... <_<


Maybe an alternative to getting a computer would be to get an inexpensive nuvi for routing. You could still bring up the cache data on your BlackBerry and then input the coordinates of a few caches manually on the nuvi and use that to route you to the cache and then once you arrive at the cache location, use your BlackBerry the way that you have been doing now.

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i'll pretend i didn't hear the iPhone remark! <_< ha


That's a good idea. Honestly, the battery life of my BlackBerry when caching is getting me down. i charge it in the car when i can but that doesn't help for woods caches (which i do a lot of).


So i will probably get a cheap GPSr to load routes and use the BlackBerry for spontaneous caching.


i want to be able to drive, say, 50 miles and grab caches along the way. Or do a trail in one direction. As it is now, i walk down a path get cache, turn around and walk back for second cache...bleh.

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