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My Finds Pocket Query errors

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My last two FIND PQ's are listed with a small icon in front - a red circle with an "X" in it. Both PQ's won't load properly into GSAK. Of course I still have to wait 7 days before trying again. I've never had problems in the past and as far as I know nothing has changed on my computer. The regular PQ's are fine. Does anybody have any ideas what I might do to correct the problem?

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The red x's are normal for the myfinds pq. It simply means that you can't delete that pq.


What happens when you try to load it into gsak?



Thanks for the info about the red x. That clears up that line of thought.


For one all the find dates are 1/1/00 when loaded into GSAK. I wonder if it could be some setting in my GSAK? I did change a few things a few weeks ago but thought I had changed everything back. I'll check that angle out and ask for help in the GSAK forum if needed.

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