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Multi-Cache Limits


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As a practical matter the maximum distance is usually dictated by the "Cache Maintenance" guideline. Sure, you can hide stage two of your multicache 100 miles away from your home, but can you maintain it?


Apart from that, there are no official maximum limits. That is not to say that everyone will enjoy a long distance multicache. The successful ones (1) disclose something about the distance as part of the cache description, and (2) provide some sort of reason to justify the long trip, like tracing the route of an explorer or the Underground Railroad or an old canal.


I also noted that you misunderstood the Cache Saturation guideline's minimum distance requirements. Within your own multicache, there is no lower limit on the distance between two stages. The practical limit is to not have them so close together that someone will stumble upon stage three while searching for stage two. The 528 foot minimum does apply, of course, when measuring the distance from each of your containers to other containers associated with other cache listings.

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