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Hunting for Missing TB's

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A geocacher visiting Montana from California just left a travel bug in one of our local caches. The problem is, the cache doesn't show it has a bug, just the geocacher log says he placed it. I did a little research and see that, according to geocaching.com, the bug is still in a cache he visited recently in CA. (So obviously, he never logged that he took the bug, and isn't likely to log placing it either.)

So, I took the liberty of sending the perpetrator a very friendly email reminding him of the responsibilities of moving travel bugs. I linked to the page where he can log this specific travel bug, and suggested that he do so.

Obviously, the odds of him still having the tracking number are slim to non, but I think this will give him something to think about for a little while trying to figure out how he's supposed to do this now. This, I hope, will cause the experience to stick in his mind so that next time he finds a bug.....

Since the bug is only a couple miles from me at the moment, I'll run out and get it's tracking number so that I can correct it's log in a few days (time for him to think).

I could have just gone for it's tracking number to begin with and left the guy alone, but I think what I did will go a long way toward educating at least one geocacher in "The Ways of the Bug". And if he tells a few friends about this experience, then that's even more people who know better that might not have otherwise.

And finally to my point... What if those of us who are concerned about missing bugs took some time once a week to just search the website for clues to bugs like this one that weren't logged properly, and send off a friendly email to those who are responsible. There's no need to physically find the bug itself, just solid evidence that one wasn't logged when it should have been, and who should have done it. If each of us found just one mislogged bug per week, I think we could get a lot of people educating each other about what to do with a travel bug when you find one.


--- Two paths diverged in a wood, and my... my GPSr pointed dead center between them. ---


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Apparently the guy either had the number written down somewhere, or went back to the cache to get the number. Just hours after sending him the email, he logged it out of it's cache in CA, and into it's new home. Yippeee!!!

He never replied to me, so hopefully he didn't think I was being too pushy. I took pains to sound friendly though, so ....


--- Two paths diverged in a wood, and my... my GPSr pointed dead center between them. ---

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Whenever I notice a bug that isn't where it's supposed to be I do my best to try and track down who has it. Generally people post they have it on the log but don't realize how to log the bug itself. So I just send them a little note asking them to go back and punch in it's code and all is well.


Then there's the ones that are just missing, ie no mention of it in the logs on the site. If I do this cache I try to find it in the logbook while I'm there, mostly because I'm not sure what else I can do. It would be nice though that the cache owners try to help keep an eye on their caches too!


- Dekaner of Team KKF2A

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