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Vacation Question


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Okay, I saw that someone else did something like this, and I was wondering what the rest of you think about me doing it? I've just registered my first bug, and I set it up now that it's just going to go wherever, but then I got to thinking.... In a couple weeks (I leave a week from friday) I will be going to Dover, Delaware. Now, I know that I could possibly find a cache somewhere out there and leave the bug there, and then have the goal be that the bug comes home... My question is wether or not I should do that....


Answer the pole and give me your imput.

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The thing about TBs is that you should do what you want with them. Don't worry what others have done, do what you want!!!!


When the TB arrives back home you can change its goal if you wish. Basically, you own the TB; what do you want it to do?




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I've got three bugs out there, all with the goal of returning home someday, One is in Arizona, one is in Florida, and one is in England. Only one has a set date for return, and that is still a year ahead. Another bug that I once held just made it back to its home after a two year journey. The key is to be patient, and enjoy the ride it takes.


"All of us are standing in the mud, but some of us are looking at the stars." Oscar Wilde

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