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The Odyssey of the Leonine Ladybeetles (TOLL)


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Hi all,


I've started a sort of experiment with seven travelling ladybeetle geocoins -commercial link removed by moderator-I'll be releasing each ladybeetle in a different place around the world, different countries if possible, and then hopefully watching as they travel onwards and maybe even cross paths B) I know that travel bugs and coins often go missing, so hopefully with a bit of a profile these ladybeetles will make it far and wide!


You can read more about it in a few different places. Show your support on facebook and become a fan if you're interested! :grin:


my wiki: [url=

facebook: [url=

( small facebook url: [url= )


and also on each travel bug's geocaching.com page (see my wiki for links to the travel bugs).


By the way: Doug started his journey today! Yay!! :) Look out for him in a cache near you...


p.s. There will *possibly* be a few more travelling ladybeetles released in London, Vienna, Cologne or Sydney in the near future, so if you know a nice cache for them, let me know!

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If you wanted to have one of your Ladybeetles start their journey in Canada but weren't sure how you were going to get here...I would be happy to provide you with my address and get him/her started for you. It would be fun to know I helped when following its adventures...T.


hey funkmaster-T, that's an awesome idea! Never thought of that :anibad:


PM me your address on geocaching.com, and I'll find out the postage and figure out which beetle wants to visit canada :laughing:

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UPDATE: 6/7 ladybeetles are travelling far and wide, with several crossing continents and a couple even crossing paths! :) Check out their website and Facebook fan page by googling "The Odyssey of the Leonine Ladybeetles" to find out more about their travels!

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