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Geocaches at Dubai International Airport


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Hi everybody,


I am a geocacher from Germany. At the end of August, I do a trip to Shanghai and have a stopover at Dubai International Airport. Between arrival and departure of the flights, I have approx. 4 hours time to spare. I think doing a cache might be a good idea. :) Is there any geocaching expert in Dubai who can tell me if it is possible to find one of the caches close to the airport in such a short period of time?

I would be glad about any advice!

Thank you

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hi - if you have a long enough time - then taxis are easily available to take you anywhere.


I am not aware of a cache VERY close to the airport - but there are a few that you can get in a short taxi drive.


There are 3 near the Burj Khalifaq - one at Festival City that is easy to get and a few in parks close to the airport - nanos mainly.

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