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Bugs not in Caches


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There are several caches in my area that have bugs logged into them that are no longer in the cache. Looking aorund in other areas I've noticed that this seems to be a common problem. I understand that the owner can't check on their inventory every week, but some of them have had the entire cache replaced 2 or three times since the bug was logged. I don't want the owners to abandon their bugs, but I want to trust my searches about what bugs are out there. I know the cache owner can't do anything without the tracking number, but is there no other way to clean up the pages?

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Yes!! Thank you. I wholeheartedly agree!!


We had a bad hurricane here in VA last month. A local cache that I had done showed a bug. The logs said the park was restricted while they continued to clear all the trees (and there were and still are a lot!) I bushwhacked a shortcut I knew to get it back into circulation, but it wasn't there. I checked and found out it had been MIA since early spring. The slap was that I had sent the TB owner an email months earlier when I first found the cache to please put it to rest, and I got suckered into looking for it again (senility creeping in). Another email came back last week agreeing to remove a TB missing for over a year, but I just looked and it is still there.


I think cache owners should be able to put a TB to rest... At least, TB owners should be able to recall one without the number, should they lose their copy of the tag.


Maybe an "Archive It" or "Not found" options on the TB's page, like the caches have. After so many of these, the TB owner is emailed, and then after so many more, the TB is automatically put to rest.

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