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Unable to log geocoin - advice please!


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Months ago I collected a geocoin but have been unable to log it using the trackable number. Any suggestions? It is <tracking number removed by moderator> with IOWA and a cute red barn on one side, and 'The Hawkeye State 2005' 'If you hide it they will come' on the other with what looks like I am presuming the state of IOWA divided into 4 quarters yellow, green, blue and orange with a little harvester in the middle. I am sure it's ower would love to see where it is - in Australia! But how to log it? Is there a lost geocoins register?

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It's typically bad form to keep a traveler (geocoin or travel bug) longer than 2 weeks. Thank you for trying to find out what the problem is that you were having with the sequential part of the tracking number and get it moving again.

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Try just the first 6 letters <tracking number removed by moderator> and it will work :)


I think it's this coin: http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.aspx?tracker=IAB3M6


Hi Everyone,

Thank you for your advice. Hooray I have sorted the coin!

My apologies I was not aware of the 'do not post tracking numbers online' and two week etiquette.

Brynbeunojava script:emoticon(':blink:',%20'smid_18')

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